Soap soap soap!

Soap Group

Finally had a moment to photograph all the new soap I’ve made recently! All these amazing varieties – along with a plethora of newly-listed necklaces, lotion bars, and our new Orange Honey Vanilla lip balm – are now available for your Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday shopping shenanigans. Why go fight the lines and crowds and craziness at the big box stores when you can get a better product from the comfort of your computer, and support a local small business at the same time?? Don’t forget, if you use the code “2017THANKS” at checkout, you’ll save 15% on your order!


Shop Small! Shop Local!

You’ve probably heard about Small Business Saturday – the Saturday after Thanksgiving, when small, local businesses usually run a special promotion to encourage people to shop at local businesses instead of at the big box stores. You probably also have heard of Cyber Monday, when all the big online retailers bust out their huge sales. Well, we don’t have a brick-and-mortar storefront (yet!), and we aren’t a huge online retailer, so we’re just going to put everything in the shop on sale for a couple weeks! From the day after Thanksgiving until December 10th, you can use the coupon code “2017THANKS” to get 15% off everything in our online shop. We’ll be working hard to get even more new soaps and other goodies up between now and Christmas, so keep checking back to see what’s new!

New Soap!

New mint and orange honey vanilla soapTwo more batches of soap – mint and orange honey vanilla!

Fall is falling all around…

A foggy forest roadI adore misty fall days. While I like the ones with the crisp blue skies and whistling breeze too, it’s the ones with the quiet, misty stillness that really touch my soul. When the reds and oranges and yellows of the leaves are subdued, keeping their secrets to themselves. When the fire in the fireplace and the kettle on the stove hold the promise of warmth. These are the days when I get the strongest urge to create!

And create I have… Lots of fun things in the works here at Twelve Winds Farm! New soap, new lip balm, lots of one-of-a-kind jewelry, and I’ve been experimenting with felted wool faerielocs! Our store is open and ready for business, keep your eyes here for new arrivals, just in time for the holidays…

It smells so nice in here

IMG_0636Our first two batches of goat’s milk soap are a success! A regular bar batch of lavender and a half-bar batch of English rose sandalwood. The entire house smells amazing. I can’t wait to test them in the shower!


Chickens saying hiEvery so often where we are in Maryland, we get a day in the middle of winter that feels an awful lot like spring. The sun is out, the air is warm, and everyone tosses off their coats and basks in the glow. The ladies (and Mister Fluffybutt, our resident rooster) love being able to explore the yard and stretch their legs.

We know it won’t last, and soon we’ll be shivering again, but for now, we all breathe a sigh and enjoy the afternoon.

Welcome to our world!

sproutsIt may still be winter, but we’re already dreaming of spring here at the farm!

Yesterday we celebrated Imbolc, the festival that marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox. That means that, even though it may still be cold, we’ve turned the corner towards spring. The world is still sleeping, but deep within the earth’s embrace, green things are starting to stir, their dreams turning towards the light.

Similarly, we are beginning our season of growth and renewal here at Twelve Winds Farm. We’re building our website (stay tuned)! We’re working on new soap recipes! We’re thinking of new and exciting ways to recycle old clothes and other fabrics into wonderful new things! We’re also planning our spring and summer festival appearances, so keep an eye out to see where you can come see us in person this year. Welcome to our world! We’re glad you’re here.